The joys of a Validation des Acquis Professionnels et Personnels

For all your administrative nightmares: Binders. Photo: nick findley

Grenoble Life editor James Dalrymple had to do a Validation des Acquis Professionnels et Personnels (VAPP) and survived to tell the tale. Here’s what happened and why. Continue reading

“Strangers lost in the crowd” – Grenoble Life meets Remi Oudinot

Visuel de l’affiche de l’exposition « Mes semblables » © R. Oudinot 2010

Grenoble Life talked to photographer Remi Oudinot ahead of his exhibition Mes Semblables, which runs at Librairie Arthaud throughout October. Continue reading

French classes at the CUEF?

Anyone remember this? Photo: litherland

In August Grenoble Life editor James Dalrymple found himself with time to burn and decided to enrol in French classes at the CUEF. Here’s what he has to say. Continue reading

Grenoble Life meets Grenoble Daily Photo

Grenoble Life’s James Dalrymple talks to blogger-photographer extraordinaire Gaëlle Brunet about Grenoble Daily Photo, music photography and her upcoming exhibition at Musée Dauphinois. Continue reading

Ode to Grenoble … a city in crisis?

Grenoble ... 'a rich intercultural nature'. Copyright Agence Prisme / Pierre Jayet

Mary Zaccai, international press officer at Grenoble Ecole de Management, hits back at the negative and sensationalist media coverage of recent events in Grenoble. Continue reading

Introducing … Stephen William Rowe

Stephen William Rowe in his home studio

Stephen William Rowe is a Grenoble-based scientist and songwriter. He tells us about his musical influences, rhyming in French and looking for singers to perform his songs – a few of which we are streaming here. Continue reading

A walk on the wild side: randonnée glaciaire around the Meije

Girose glacier from Dome de la Lauze

Rebecca Skillman narrates the highs and lows of a walk on the wild side: a 3-day glacier hike roped to a mercurial mountain guide at an altitude of over 3000m. Continue reading

Discover le Diois

Resident Grenoble Life photographer Suzanne Bonnefond invites you to discover the Diois region of the Vercors mountains near Grenoble. Continue reading

From Admission to Graduation: anticipating life in Grenoble

Joseph Schott anticipating life in Grenoble

Joseph Schott has come from the USA, via Japan, to do an MBA at the Grenoble Graduate School of Business. We will be following him ‘From Admission to Graduation’ as he blogs on life and learning in the Capital of the Alps. Continue reading