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Celtic Connection St Patrick’s Day Celebration 2014

Live music on St Patricks Day
Traditional Irish music live – Flynn Band at St Patricks Day festivities 2013

Caroline West of Celtic Connection gives us the lowdown on this year’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations and a timely reminder of the association’s activities throughout the year.


On March 15th, Celtic Connection is organizing its annual celebration of St Patrick’s Day, with an evening of music, dance and good humour at Le Centre Culturel Arménien, 15, cours de la Libération, from 7pm to 1am.

The Celtic Connection is an informal association organized around Grenoble’s population with even the most tenuous link to all things Celtic – just-arrived English-speakers, well-rooted expats, Grenoblois pure souche with an enthusiasm for the culture and social life connected to our events.

Grenoble’s English-speaking community gathers together Celts of different origins – Irish, Scots, Welsh, Breton – with a wide range of reasons for taking up residence in the Alps. Researchers, engineers, language teachers, health workers, business people, artists – the professions of the Celtic community are as varied as that of Grenoble’s population. Regular celebrations organized by the Celtic Connection are an opportunity to get together, but also to include the local population in our events. We celebrate Christmas with annual carol singing, Burn’s night with a meal and poetry, Bloomsday in June with readings from James Joyce, and finish up the year with our annual family picnic. We have also organized Irish film festivals, notably a sell-out showing of Alan Parker’s The Commitments in 2012 followed by a fantastic concert of live soul music by Save our Soul.

The highlight of the calendar is of course St Patrick’s Day. For the last two years we have organized an evening of live traditional music and Irish dancing, with a meal and bar, at Grenoble’s Armenian centre. The evening is a family event with every age-group taking part in the “set-dancing”: Sieges of Ennis and Walls of Limerick accompanied by traditional jigs and reels have everyone up and dancing.

Our St Patrick’s Day event is open to everyone. We advertise essentially through the Celtic Connection website and email list, but non-members are welcome. More information on this event and how to join the Celtic Connection is available at . Our annual picnic is planned for Sunday 22nd June, and we hope to have news of other events soon.

We’re looking forward to meeting new Celts and Celtic enthusiasts on March 15th!

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  1. Hello Caroline,

    I trust all is well with your good self.

    Nice article, but I am always disappointed when, in the overwhelming majority of these “Celtic” events, they are identified exclusively with English…; is not Irish language and its culture worthy of even the slightest mention?

    Remember, the good saint himself did not speak a word of English!


    Slan go foill,


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