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What is a student to do in Grenoble?

The London Pub. Photo: Guillaume Cattiaux

In the second part of her blog Footprints in Grenoble, American student Aleigha Page talks about French mealtime etiquette and her favourite establishments for desserts, coffee and people-watching. Continue reading What is a student to do in Grenoble?

Le Shag, c’est quoi ?

Le Shag, c'est quoi ?
Le Shag, c'est quoi ?

Call me childish, but I thought I’d bring this amusingly monikered Seyssinet café to your attention. Shag, it seems, is not just a rude British word for, um, something rude, but also a style of swing (no, not that swing) dance originating in New York in the jazz age of the 20s and 30s. Thus, it seems Shag Café is less debauched than sniggering ignoramuses such as I may suggest but is in fact an Art Deco restaurant and ballroom. Let me know if you’ve been and can tell us what shag is like! Or, just to satisfy my child-like sense of humour, send me details of other businesses in the Grenoble area or beyond which might have unintentionally comic appellations. Continue reading Le Shag, c’est quoi ?