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Pizza-free Italian food in the heart of Grenoble

Panzerotti, a speciality of Ciao a Te, look a bit like this. photo by <a href=My reservation at Ciao a Te was made – upon advice, several weeks before eating there – on the back of numerous personal endorsements so glowing I felt it couldn’t fail to be fantastic. Incredibly – for I am used to having my high expectations brutally crushed – Ciao a Te is the real deal, a genuninely fantastic Grenoble restaurant. Billed as the best Italian dining establishment in town – no mean feat considering the copious number of Italian eateries in Grenoble (but then, do the 100-plus pizzarias really count) – Ciao a Te is an authentic family business serving some must-try specialities. Hailing from Corato, the southeastern Italian town twinned with Grenoble and ville d’origine to most of our Italian inhabitants, Caio a Te‘s patrons offer a pizza-free menu with pasta dishes you probably can’t make yourself – not even with your Jamie Oliver cook book. Continue reading Pizza-free Italian food in the heart of Grenoble