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A-WA-KEN your senses to South African culture

The A-WA-KEN, South African Faction logo
Grenoble Life speaks to XiaXiahn Vaccalluzzo of the A-WA-KEN South African Faction, a new language and cultural exchange incorporating dance, music and art, and run by three generations of a Rainbow Nation family.

The history of Grenoble in two short blogs (part II)

Place Grenette, c.1900

In the second part of John Lubbock‘s brief history of Grenoble he finds himself scratching beneath the surface of the city and discovering a “post-apocalyptic 19th century parallel universe,” among other things. Continue reading The history of Grenoble in two short blogs (part II)

An English speaking welcome to Grenoble

grenoble childrens xmas party open house

Open House was founded in 1987 to support the growing English-speaking population in Grenoble and the surrounding area. We have currently over 150 members and their families, from 27 countries, all of whom are linked by the English language and the fact that they are living, or have lived, as expats. Our members all know what it means to pack up and come to live in a foreign country, where the language and customs may be very different from home. The support offered by kindred spirits helps the transition at this exciting but challenging time. Continue reading An English speaking welcome to Grenoble