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Babel in the heart of Grenoble

A map to Association Babel

Claire Bryars is President of Babel, a language and cultural exchange association in the centre of Grenoble. She tells us about the organisation, its activities and its history. Continue reading Babel in the heart of Grenoble

Grenoble Spice

photo credit: u m a m i
Chillis. photo: u m a m i

The French are not known for their love of spices – difficult for Grenoble’s British expats such as Hannah Dee, who comes from multicultural Leeds. Here is her guide to Grenoble Spice: the specialist food stores that hold those treasured, hard to find exotic ingredients. Continue reading Grenoble Spice

VSArt – Creative volunteering in Grenoble

VSArt - Caring for the elderly. Photo: Borya
VSArt - working with the elderly. Photo: Borya

American opera singer Amelia Feuer describes how she became involved with VSArt in Grenoble, a large French volunteer association that brings cultural opportunities to disadvantaged and elderly people. Continue reading VSArt — Creative volunteering in Grenoble