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A veggie in Grenoble

Squash time! ¨Photo: Gerry Balding

British blogger and erasmus student Elizabeth Gear shares this post about life as a vegan in the Capital of the Alps.  Continue reading A veggie in Grenoble

Nuts about Grenoble

Walnut army. Photo: ArielAmanda
Walnut army. Photo: ArielAmanda

Gill Baconnier has lived in France for over twenty years – seven of them in Grenoble. She teaches English, works with dyslexic children and, in her spare time, tries very hard to actually finish writing her children’s novel. A former feature writer for an English regional magazine, her articles about life in France can now be found at her blog French Windows. She kindly agreed to share this article about la noix de Grenoble with Grenoble Life. Continue reading Nuts about Grenoble