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A veggie in Grenoble

Squash time! ¨Photo: Gerry Balding

British blogger and erasmus student Elizabeth Gear shares this post about life as a vegan in the Capital of the Alps.  Continue reading A veggie in Grenoble

A flavour of the Mediterranean in the Alps

Photo: mikeandanna
Photo: mikeandanna

Last Saturday evening was an important occasion for my wife and I. Not only were we celebrating our second wedding anniversary but it was our first evening out since the birth of our daughter, now three months old, who was kindly being babysat ber grandparents. Now I may have Scottish ancestry (albeit watered down through several generations – but hey! I still have the tartan surname) but I don’t mind pushing the boat out once and awhile and spending a little extra on a quality restaurant. Continue reading A flavour of the Mediterranean in the Alps