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Introducing … Bienvenue Grenoble

Bienvenue Grenoble

We talk to Bienvenue Grenoble, a new organisation that offers a range of activities aimed at helping newcomers feel welcome in Grenoble. Continue reading Introducing … Bienvenue Grenoble

Grenoble, Un climat à part – interview with Guilhem Martin

Grenoble in Winter seen from the Moucherotte. Photo © Michel Giordani

We meet Guilhem Martin, author of Grenoble, Un climat à part, a new book detailing his passionate observations of extraordinary weather phenomena in the Capital of the Alps. Continue reading Grenoble, Un climat à part — interview with Guilhem Martin

Gym’ll fix it

Fitness centre, probably the ‘Somebody’s Converted Garage’ kind. Photo: nicolasnova

Arriving in Grenoble, the city of sport, the athlete is in his element. The great outdoors, the mountains, the forests – the city seems to almost breathe healthy sporting activity. Indeed, it is not unheard of for some employees to finish at 4pm, rucksack in hand and head off for a three-hour mountain trek. Sources remain anonymous. Even the slightly sofa-attached of us, when confronted daily by rakish cyclists in skin-tight neon or the love affair that is a Grenoblois and his Quechua, may sometimes dream of sunny hikes and lazy bike rides. And as summer approaches, the thought of baring a British body next to all those sculpted French sportifs can indeed get one thinking about taking up some kind of sporting activity. Continue reading Gym’ll fix it