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Grenoble – an Indian’s view

Bhargav Prasanna Swaminathan in Grenoble

Bhargav Prasanna Swaminathan has come to Grenoble from India to do a Master’s in engineering. He shares his first impressions of life in the Captial of the Alps from an Indian perspective.

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‘On the Buses’ – Transport in Grenoble

Tag bus in action! Photo: Ambrosiana Pictures (G)
Tag bus in action! Photo: Ambrosiana Pictures (G)

In previous article for Grenoble Life I bemoaned France’s rather particular brand of service culture, in some instances comparing it unfavourably to the UK. However, there are certain aspects of life in France in which the nation seems to defeat us Brits with an effortless and dismissive Gallic slap: transport. Whether it be the gleaming speedways they call les autoroutes, the super-fast TGV trains or local bus networks that operate with the kind of clockwork, almost Teutonic punctuality – getting around in France can make Britain seem grimly backward in comparison.  Continue reading ‘On the Buses’ — Transport in Grenoble