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A veggie in Grenoble

Squash time! ¨Photo: Gerry Balding

British blogger and erasmus student Elizabeth Gear shares this post about life as a vegan in the Capital of the Alps.  Continue reading A veggie in Grenoble

What is a student to do in Grenoble?

The London Pub. Photo: Guillaume Cattiaux

In the second part of her blog Footprints in Grenoble, American student Aleigha Page talks about French mealtime etiquette and her favourite establishments for desserts, coffee and people-watching. Continue reading What is a student to do in Grenoble?

Grenoble Spice

photo credit: u m a m i
Chillis. photo: u m a m i

The French are not known for their love of spices – difficult for Grenoble’s British expats such as Hannah Dee, who comes from multicultural Leeds. Here is her guide to Grenoble Spice: the specialist food stores that hold those treasured, hard to find exotic ingredients. Continue reading Grenoble Spice