VSArt looking for artists, musicians, volunteers

A VSArt essential oils workshop

VSArt, an association that brings cultural opportunities to disadvantaged and elderly people, is looking for artists and musicians or just “folks with a big heart, some spoken French and a little time to devote to others, occasionally.” Meredith Charreyron explains.


Familiar to Grenoble Life readers and in its 10th year of existence in greater Grenoble, VSArt (volontariat et soutien par l’art) is an association that appeals to all ages. Its purpose is that of bringing culture and the arts to the less fortunate, people who are isolated from the mainstream as they live in a “quartier difficile”, in hospital, a nursing home or a center for the handicapped. Thanks to a wonderful team of volunteers last year, we doubled the number of workshops and musical animations, often doing three or even four in one week.

To keep up this level of activity and respond to demand, we’ll need all of the help we can find. Volunteers are not asked for regular availability, just a weekday afternoon from time to time. We look for enthusiasts of any age, with an interest in visiting and working with the less advantaged. Only a minimal level of spoken French is required.

Anyone who can devote a couple of hours from time to time is a potential volunteer. No major artistic talent is required in order to help with our creative workshops, just the desire to spend a little time with interesting people who don’t often have the privilege of contact with outsiders. An artistic sense is helpful! Examples of our one to one-and-a-half hour workshops: floral composition, jewelery-making, decopatch, scrapbooking, photography.

VSArt jewelry workshop, Grenoble

For the music sector, we need individual singers, instrumentalists, along with small chamber music groups, jazz groups who can be available from time to time to visit an establishment and share their talent. We can be somewhat flexible in terms of timing, but often these animations take place in the afternoon on weekdays, though we can sometimes program on the weekend.

VSArt also offers a variety of Conférence-projections (in French) where we present a topic via a simple 40-minute lecture including photos. We currently offer presentations on various countries (India, Keyna, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico), historical eras and events …  Our list is to be expanded, given your creative help.

The Association can always use administrative help – in communication, fundraising, programming, webmaster, recruiting.

VSArt offers a chance to interact with others. Yes, the “needy” who really appreciate our visits, but also with our team. We’re French, we’re international, we’re students, dynamic retirees or active professionals with a little time to devote, sporadically.  Truly one of the nicest parts of VSArt is the fun we have together, in our overall effort to help the less fortunate. And, oh, if your French needs improvement, here is a great way to practice !

HOW TO GET INVOLVED:  To start with, take a look at our web page, part of the website www.vsart.org

Then give us a call or send an email, meet with one of our team, then come check out a workshop or event.  You’ll definitely be a great addition to VSArt !


Meredith Charreyron,
 Coordination des Antennes VSArt,

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