French expressions and their English counterparts

“Battre froid,” or “giving someone the cold shoulder”

We catch up with Grenoble-based writer Thora van Male to discuss her forthcoming book, Quand les cochons sauront voler, on French idioms and their English equivalents.  Continue reading

Football in Grenoble with a Latin flavour

Los Latinos official team photo

We talk to Los Latinos, a Grenoble-based amateur football team featuring players of 10 different nationalities. Continue reading

Introducing … Bienvenue Grenoble

Bienvenue Grenoble

We talk to Bienvenue Grenoble, a new organisation that offers a range of activities aimed at helping newcomers feel welcome in Grenoble. Continue reading

A veggie in Grenoble

Squash time! ¨Photo: Gerry Balding

British blogger and erasmus student Elizabeth Gear shares this post about life as a vegan in the Capital of the Alps.  Continue reading

VSArt looking for artists, musicians, volunteers

A VSArt essential oils workshop

VSArt, an association that brings cultural opportunities to disadvantaged and elderly people, is looking for artists and musicians or just “folks with a big heart, some spoken French and a little time to devote to others, occasionally.” Meredith Charreyron explains. Continue reading

‘Is It Running?’ – Grenoble via Brazil, Angola and Iran

A detail from the ‘Is It Running?’ poster

We talk to Laura Mollica, the Brazilian filmmaker behind ‘Is It Running?’, a moving documentary about Grenoble from the perspective of students from a variety of backgrounds, from Iran to Angola. Continue reading

An Indian’s view of Grenoble … one year on

Bhargav in Grenoble … one year on

We catch up with Bhargav Prasanna Swaminathan, one year after his arrival in Grenoble from India to do a Master’s degree in engineering.  Continue reading

The opening thoughts of a future Erasmus student

Michael Hansford in action. Photo: Abbie Felton (

Erasmus student Michael Hansford anticipates life in the Capital of the Alps, where he will be studying at Université Pierre Mendes France and playing for the Centaures de Grenoble American football team.  Continue reading

How to ask French people to slow down when they speak

Talking too fast? Photo: mediamolecule

Géraldine Lepère of Comme une Française shares her tips on how newcomers to Grenoble can get their French interlocuteurs to speak more slowly. Continue reading

Study Chinese medicine in Grenoble

L’école de Médecine Chinoise & Qi Gong

Anna Cartalade shares her experiences on a Chinese medicine training programme now offering courses in Grenoble city centre.

Continue reading

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